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Useful Scientific Resources

Bioinformatic Tools

  • RCSB PDB:  the Protein Data Bank
  • ExPASy:  the SIB (Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics) Resource Portal
  • ExPASy Translate:  a tool for translating nucleotide sequence into protein sequence.
  • ProtParam:  a tool that allows computation of physicochemical properties for proteins.
  • NCBI – PubMed:  reference search tool maintained by National Center for Biotechnology Information
  • NCBI – BLAST:  the NCBI Basic Local Alignment Search Tool.
  • JGI/IMG:  genome browsing and annotation platform maintained by U.S. Dept. of Energy.
  • BRENDA:  comprehensive enzyme information system

Homology Modelling

  • CODEHOP:  tool for designing degenerate primers.
  • HHPred:  homology detection and structure prediction tool from Max-Planck Institute.
  • PhyRe:  automatic fold recognition server for predicting structure/function from protein sequence.

Natural Product Prediction

  • antiSMASH:  open source program for antibiotic & secondary metabolite prediction from genes
  • multiGENEblast:  open source tool for identification of homologs of multigene modules
  • NaPDoS:  tool for detection and analysis of C- and KS-domains from DNA or amino acid sequence
  • PKS/NRPS Analysis:  domain analysis and prediction for PKSs and NRPSs
  • Norine:  database of non-ribosomal peptides and tools for analysis

Operon Predictors

  • ProOpDB:  Prokaryotic Operon DataBase, a repository of prokaryotic operon predictions
  • DOOR:  database of prokaryotic operons
  • PPO:  predictor for prokaryotic operons
  • DBTBS:  a database of transcriptional regulation in Bacillus subtilis
  • BPROM: bacterial promoter prediction program